Couples Coaching Programs

There are many rewards to getting healthy with your partner. Couples who maintain their health together experience a more engaging and lasting relationship. When partners share a health and fitness routine they are motivated to stay on task and less likely to revert back to unhealthy habits. Engaging in physical fitness with your partner can intensify your mutual attraction and build the foundation to a longer relationship. Equally as wonderful, feeling healthier boosts confidence which naturally enhances your sex drive. My couple’s sessions is an opportunity to spice up your love life. Keeping in mind that everyone's Health Plan is tailored to their individual needs, we’ll canvas lifestyle goals you wish to accomplish personally and goals you want to work towards as a couple. Find the harmonious balance that ignites the fire burning between you and your lover while we continue to focus on your personal health needs. Couples who work out together spend more POSITIVE time together. Spending positive time with your partner while working out means you are doing more than living in the presence of your significant other. This may be positive for a while but it can also become dis engaging and lackluster quickly. exercising alone promotes an ambience of personal improvement and self-realization, now add the one you love in your fitness routine cheering you on all the way. When you and your partner inspire each other to improve physical health, encourage each others progress, praise and celebrate your mutual achievements you develop something deeper than the "average connection" that couples who do not exercise together may experience.

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75 Minute Couples Coaching sessions, 1-2 times per month

Couples Coaching, we will meet 1-2 times per month, each session is scheduled for 75 minutes. Choose between our 3 or 6 month packages (customized packages also available).

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Couples receive complimentary face to face consultation

Our initial meeting would be a complimentary face-to-face consultation, as this is easier than a phone conversation when there are multiple people involved. We will continue the duration of the sessions as face to face meetings.

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Personalized Health Plans for Personal & Relationship Success

Couples Coaching Sessions are a lot like individual sessions, we will discuss the areas that you, as the client, want to work on, but also any issues that you, as a couple, want to work through.

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Meal Planning Assistance & Access to Family Approved Recipes

What's for dinner?! Planning a meal can be hard with the foods you are already accustomed to, so understandably it can be more difficult combining something new. Thankfully tonight we are serving you up a side of reassurance when we tell you "it's already done!" Together we will select an assortment of delicious healthy foods to customize an arsenal of meal ideas to have readily on hand for you and your family.

Get on Track to Healthy Eating