Discover Clean, Healthy Eating

Food for thought: Every emotion you have is influenced by your digestive tract. Your gut or “second brain” is a fascinating system that produces 80 to 95% of the feel-good hormone Serotonin in your body. Boost your Food Mood by switching to clean eating. One of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety, feel happier and balance your mood is to maintain healthier eating habits. Cleaning up what you consume not only drastically improves your emotional well-being but also the physical performance of your body. It has been proven high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are few of many chronic physical conditions that can be prevented or relieved by eating clean foods. Every part of your body from cell membranes to hormones is the framework of the foods you consume - Making healthy eating one of the biggest priorities in sustaining a positive lifestyle change.

Pantry Makeover

When hunger strikes that quick easy fix you find in your fridge and cabinets can easily lead to a recipe for disaster to your health if they still contain the same old saturated fats and processed foods. Putting those toxic foods behind you just got a lot easier with my pantry makeover. Together we are going to take a look at nutrition labels in the gradient list in your kitchen and Pantry to determine which foods hinder your individual health plan in which foods will ice in your progress to reach your health goals. We will discuss how many favorite unhealthy foods have delicious, affordable, healthy alternatives and incorporate these in a refreshing Pantry Restock List.

Meal Planning

What's for dinner?! Planning a meal can be hard with the foods you are already accustomed to, so understandably it can be more difficult combining something new. Thankfully tonight we are serving you up a side of reassurance when we tell you "it's already done!" Together we will select an assortment of delicious healthy foods to customize an arsenal of meal ideas to have readily on hand for you and your family.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep can be time consuming, I can help you take the stress out of it by providing you prepped meals whenever needed. *We will work together to plan meals, and all the prep will be done for you.

Grocery Store Tour

Here comes the fun part, shopping! While we shop for yummy healthy foods we are going to explore food labels, recognize what to avoid and how to choose healthier alternatives. This is a perfect opportunity to reference your Pantry Re-stock List although not required as every Grocery Store Tour includes a Grocery Shopping Guide and a list of food additives that should be avoided. PSimilar to our pantry makeover, but at the grocery store itself. During this time, we will discuss how to choose healthier options and look at and read labels. Included in this are handouts, which include; a grocery shopping guide and a list of food additives that should be avoided. )

Recipe Re-Write

We will take your favorite family recipes, recipes for comfort foods/meals or any other recipes out there, and make them into a delicious recipe using healthier options, all while not sacrificing any flavor or comfort of the original recipe. *You provide the original recipe and I rewrite it using healthier ingredients.

Personalize YOUR Health Plan