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Green Salsa

This Green Salsa is a family favorite around our home. I got this recipe from a doctor I worked with in Colorado many years ago. I have tweaked it to our liking over the years. We make it quite often and use it for everything from just dipping tortilla chips, to tacos, fajitas, or nachos. We really love the fresh flavor it has.



• 4-5 tomatillos, quartered
• Medium white onion, diced
• Bunch of cilantro (I use the entire thing, you be the judge of the amount)
• 2-4 poblano peppers, roasted and cooled
• 2 cloves garlic, minced
• salt & pepper to taste <br>



• Roast and cool the poblano peppers, keeping the skins on
• Using a blender, ninja, Vitamix, hand chopper/blender, etc.-add all ingredients and mix well. You want the consistency to be very smooth.
• Enjoy!